28 June 2010

Gym session with Arvind!

Avind Naidu! Vasatham Central's superstar and my dearest dearest bro! Always encouraging, always positive, and always there for me :-)

Arvind has also been my personal trainer for the past two months, our workout has been getting more and more intense and especially so today...!

My dearest Arvind bro!

After an intensive workout, not so built like Arvind yet, but compared to when we first started, I am 8kg lighter and healthier! :-)

We work out at Fitness First @ One George St, have been a member for more than 3 years, but seldom workout (lazy).. till now :-) and often after working out, we chill at the pool.
View from the pool is simply breath-taking!

Arvind has always been my hero! My inspiration! As a performer, he is anytime 100 times more outstanding than anybody who shares the stage! Don't believe me? Search "Arvind Naidu"on YouTube to see for youself!!

Arvind helped me out big time in my first production "Just Kiki Kidding!" He plays the son of "Mrs Naidu" played by Pravin Saivi, also my hero! More on Pravin later... Here a few clips of Arvind & Pravin from "Just Kiki Kidding!"back in 2008!

The Comedy Adventure of Mrs. Naidu! (part 3 of 5) - Written and directed by Kiki Tay

Part 3 of 5 videos on my YouTube Channel! Click on the video to see more!

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