28 June 2010



Songs of the Sea, a permanent attraction in Sentosa, Singapore! It has won the ASEANTA Awards as the BEST ASEAN TOURIST ATTRACTION!

 I had been a big fan of this show since it began, I remember watching it 8 times before I made it a dream to perform as "Lee" in the show! Standing on the rock, singing your heart out while an audience of 2,500 cheers to 31 million-dollars worth of effects going on is an AMAZING experience! Words can't describe this feeling, and it makes every effort worth it!

I love performing in Songs of the Sea, although i have less time to commit to it nowadays, but still, every time i go back, it's a unique and amazing experience!

The guys at Songs of the sea are incredible, everybody working together, having fun.. it feels like a big happy family! It's an honor to work with these talented group of performers :-)

Notice my hair is BLACK during the show... MAGIC!

It's really a much bigger family, but at any point of time, only a cast of 8 (including one swing) performs per night I'll try to feature as many of them as I go along!

Backstage with the guys!

Waiting as the crowd gathers!

Always a full-house! Even on weekdays!

Back in March this year, I was featured in Sentosa's Magazine "SHOWTIME"!

Here is the article!

I love working in Sentosa! Everybody is just so friendly, helpful and kind!

Here is a clip of when i first started performing there, about more than two years back! The show is still pretty much the same! Fireworks twice a night!

Pardon the low quality video, was shot on my lousy videocam back then.. :-P

 If you happen to be in Sentosa anytime, be sure to catch this AMAZING production! Two shows nightly 7:40pm & 8:40pm, rain or shine!

- Kiki Tay

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