22 June 2011

It's always fun!.. at P'ART 1...!

P'ART 1 Design!

P'ART 1 designs and fabricates some of the most AMAZING sets and props!

Almost every night (midnight to be exact..) Kiki goes to P'ART 1 to disturb Andrew and Priscil!

It's like a small boy going to neighbor's house to play... "can I play with your bike?" except theirs' is a not a bicycle.. it's a Golf Buggy!!

Just three of Andrew's many vehicles! ... I don't think he'll let me play with his Jaguar...

Having fun with Andrew & his Buggy!

Andrew dug out a pack of his "SEO" brand streamers, the best and most expensive streamers used by Magicians..!

Throwing Andrew's EXPENSIVE streamers.. for FUN!

This is Priscil! The boss and brilliant mind behind P'ART 1 Design Pte Ltd! Also the Executive Producer of my upcoming show "Just Kiki Kidding II!"

In the daytime, they are hard at work! Coming up with new technologies, designing and fabricating some of the most amazing sets and props! Night time.. kena "disturbed" by me.. :-P

Here are just some of P'ART 1's amazing work! Click to see a larger image!


And the skeleton of what's going to be... a 15m tall monster for YOG!

Can't wait to see it in action!

I remember when I was young, I used to go to the Singapore Science Center EVERY DAY after school! Just losing myself into a fascinating world of amazing inventions and creations! (I still regularly visit the science center when I've got the time) This is the same feeling I get when I visit P'ART 1 and marvel at their creations.. And best of all, they are the one who builds many of science center's props!!

Look out for PART 2 of my adventures in P'ART 1 !!

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