27 June 2010

Met Derrick & Alfred today!

Met Derrick & Alfred in one of my shows today!

Derrick is an excellent entertainer! He's such a fun and hilarious host, as well as a great party magician!

Alfred is Derrick's brother, and my long time friend! Haven't seen him for so long! He's an excellent excellent magician as well, and a great balloon artist!

Met them at the Tong Seng Produce's 20th Anniversary Party! They are the company that produces "Song He" rice.

We got invited to feast on the buffet spread after the show :-)

This was quite high budget event, the boss of the company is so generous!

Met Welles at the event too! He is a caricaturist who can draw with both hands!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

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