26 June 2010

Shows, shows and shows :-)

Skipped NDP rehearsal today due to a full day of shows.. Anyway our item is in good hands with Chermaine and Jia Hong who are the key people behind our item.. The whole item wouldn't happen without their help! My heroes!!

Jia Hong

Chermaine :-)

Ran 4 shows today :-) met many interesting people!

"H" the juggler! Working hard along orchard road! I remember those days, many many years back when we used to hang out every week at youth park, juggling together! He has improved sooo much while I haven't been practicing for a while hee.. H was busking along Orchard, and I could see him hard at work from where I was performing.. I've always admire buskers, to survive on the street means you really have to be good, and if you can entertain people on the street, you can entertain anybody! The street is the best teacher, where the toughest performers stands! I had a few years busking experience when I first started out.. When vivien encouraged me.. It was a great fun and an amazing experience! I would love to have a go at it again if I've got the time!

Entertaining guests at Sony Style @ Wisma! Despite so many things going on with me right now, my first passion is still performing! Really enjoyed working at Sony Style, everybody there were so nice to me, and the audience are so appreciative!

Met Danny Yeo again during my night shows! Haven't seen him for quite a while!

Joseph Then! Been sharing the stage with him for the past few shows! He is soooo good! Really admires his talent! His ventriloquist show is sooooo original and funny! I had hell of a good time laughing non-stop at his funny antics! Really inspiring! Check out his website here! http://www.themagicavenue.com/

After my last show at Kreta Ayer, I went to visit this little magic store right opposite the stage, run by a nice lady from China!

It was quite interesting when I first stumble upon the shop months ago. She was showing me magic when I suddenly noticed a poster of me, right behind her! She actually printed it out from the net and pasted on her wall! I pointed it out and soon we were laughing at idea of it! Haahaa

Anyway, if you are around Chinatown area, be sure to visit her store with many interesting magic props! It is just along the street beside the "Buddha Tooth Relic Temple"

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

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