20 June 2010

Voyage De La Vie!

Jeffrey Tan, choreographer of Voyage de la Vie, and of course the chief choreographer of NDP invited me tonight to watch the preview of Voyage De La Vie! A permanent show in resort world sentosa, opening for public next week.

It was an EXCELLENT EXCELLENT SHOW!! So many of the beautiful scenes in the show brought me to tears, and the attention to the smallest details, really impressed and inspired me..

Backstage with William Philip McKinley, the director of voyage de la vie!

Taken weeks ago, before the theatre was fully built..

Jeffrey Tan, and Jane!

Seated behind the director, and production team's table! Amazing view to see the show and also partly behind the scene.. :-)

The show is simply amazing and breathtaking!

One thing that happened during the show inspired me a lot! During the rope acrobatic act, one of the two safety wire for the acrobat got stuck and couldn't come down. She unhooked her only safety line, and risked her life so that the show can go on.. It was amazing, such professionalism brought me tears..

Which reminds me of an incident that happened when I watched cirque du soleil's Saltimbanco when it was in Singapore many years ago. The whole show was perfect except when during one act, the hula hoop lady dropped a hoop.. Don't get me wrong, it was a GOOD drop! Not because it was graceful or anything, but that particular drop woke me up to realize how PERFECT the entire show was! When the lady dropped the hoop, I suddenly realized.. Gosh, they are just human, like the rest of us... If it wasn't for the drop, we would have taken the show for granted and just lost into the world without realizing how perfect it was.. It was an amazing feeling!

Anyway, Voyage De La Vie is running for two years at Resort World Sentosa.. Please please DON'T MISS IT!!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

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