25 June 2010

Watched Voyage De La Vie again!!

Watched Voyage De La Vie again tonight! This time I was invited by Mimi! Mimi helped me so much in my projects! She was the stage manager for my past two production, "Destination Imagination" and "WAAH! Magic!" She now works as assistant stage manager at Resort World Sentosa.

Kiki & Mimi!

Mimi gave me 4 tickets this time, so I brought my Mom and invited Vivien and Jimmy! And what a coincidence, I met Francis at the show! Francis is a great illusionist himself! He did a great job as my guest performer in my production "Just Kiki Kidding!" two years back :-) here is a photo of him in action!

Francis Ang in action during "Just Kiki Kidding" in 2008

Anyway, Voyage De La Vie is an EXCELLENT EXCELLENT SHOW!! It is a show I can that I can watch a hundred times and still get mesmerized! If you haven't watched it, what are you waiting for!?

Will try to watch it a hundred times... really! (please invite me again!)

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

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