19 July 2010

Bump-in experience with P'ART 1!

18th July 2010, I put on a P'ART 1 Design t-shirt and followed them to a bump-in in Esplanade!

P'ART 1 Design, by the way is one of the most reputable set design and fabrication company! You can find out more about them at www.part1design.com or my previous blog post here

Men hard at work! Yvonne was there to help out as well!

Backstage of the Esplanade theatre is HUGE!

View of the audience from the stage!

Meng Tay, one of the BEST lighting designer and technical manager in Singapore's theatre scene! What can I say.. all "Tay"s are extremely talented people.. haahaahaa..

The journey of the rising sun... literally..

Lots of work involved, just to put up this GIGANTIC backdrop scenery! 

It was an amazing experience! I learnt a lot of things from the many problems they faced and the clever solutions they came up with... It is only through years of experience would you be able to handle projects like these, and the people at P'ART 1 certainly lived up to it! Their work attitude and professionalism is remarkable! Thanks Andrew and Priscil, for this incredible experience!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

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