12 July 2010

Marina Bay Sands and World Cup in 3D!

After show today, I head down to Marina Bay Sands again! Vivien had a room again and invited me! Awesome!

This time she had a room at level 14, and a garden view!
This time, there IS a balcony!

Inside view from level 14..

Chilling out at the rooftop pool again...

Managed to catch the sunset at the pool, it was breathtaking! The picture did not do justice to how beautiful the scenery was..
Managed to capture the last moments of the sun setting...

Breath taking!

An amazing experience once again...

Dinner was fantastic!..

They were telecasting the finals of the world cup outdoor, but Vivien managed to get us passes to watch it in 3D in the VIP area!

Chilling at Arab Street before the match begins!

The VIP experience was AWESOME!
Lots of free booze, food and snacks!

Watching the match in 3D is an incredible experience! It's like being in the stadium!

The glasses made everything look so real! I could swear the bottles are 3-dimensional and right in front of me! haahaa..

It was a FUN day! Thanks again Viv!

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