30 July 2010

The day I Directed the most beautiful show EVER!...

A Romantic Love Story...

  About 2 weeks back, I directed what I would consider, the most beautiful show ever! Not because it has lots of special effects or exotic acts, but that it touches the heart of the most important person in the audience...

Here is the story...

Rachel, Dan's girlfriend for many years thought she was watching a show "Heau La Rovecil" an abstract dance performance... But the fact is that the theatre was booked for a purpose.. The show was specially choreographed just for her..

A Romantic Proposal...

The Plot..

Rachel & Dan would arrive at the show, 30mins late. At an "appropriate intermission" they were allowed to enter the theatre.

In the total darkness, she settles down in the audience, not knowing that the entire audience was filled with her friends. An extremely boring abstract dance went on for 4mins, after which Dan made an excuse to leave the audience..

This is when the real show began...

The lights faded and projection comes on.. "Dedicated to Rachel Wong..."

A romantic dance item took the stage, it was specially choreographed just for her by Dan..

At the end of the item, a video montage was shown on the projection, leading up to Dan's love confession to her...

"You've always asked me, why do i love you.. how much do i love you.. It's hard for me to express through words, so I'll do what i do best.. through dance.. I love you.."

Dan took the stage with a solo dance, taking her heart, bringing her to tears..
At the end of the dance, the video projection reveals the true meaning behind the name of the show "Heau La Rovecil".. unscrambled, it reveals "Rachel I love u"... The abstract image of the poster then slowly reveals to be a picture of the two of them together..

Dan's proposal followed in the video.. "Rachel Wong... Will you marry me..?"

At the climax of the music, Dan enters with a suit, flowers and of course.. a ring..

And the answer... "yes..."

Some behind the scene shots..

Plotting the lights..



Putting the whole show together!

We didn't had a plan if she said "no" but i did made my own plans, i figured out the nearest exits, I would press the blackout lighting cue and will be the first person to run out..

After the "yes!" I stayed on and continued the show..

HUGE Diamond Ring!!

Celebration at Timbre after the "show"!

Here's wishing Dan & Rachel, the very best in their adventures ahead!

With love,

Kiki Tay

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