23 July 2010

An Impromptu Holiday!

Vivien called, literally minutes after I got out of bed "Hey we're on our way to JB! Wanna join us?"

Why not... Moments later we're on our way to a mini adventure!

Had our lunch (my breakfast) at a Japanese restaurant in Danga Mall

We weren't expecting much from this restaurant, but the food turned out EXTREMELY good!!

I ate a slimy eyeball!

For the fun of it, I tried out a totally new hairstyle!

Totally doesn't look like "me" at all!

A couple of head shakes later, I transformed back to "normal"! Had a bad hair day ever since.. Haahaa..

XXXXL T-Shirt!

Viv says i would look good in this.. |-(

Something happened on our way out... MANY malaysian cars made a right turn and we followed... But two police stopped us and gave us a ticket... I wonder what made us so "special" hmmmmmmmmm................

The police took a loooong time writing us the ticket... As if waiting for something to happen.. Hmmmmm.... Nah.. It's probably the heat.. It's a hot weather today.. 

We happily took the ticket!

Shopping Shopping Shopping...

Dinner time!

Vivien commented that most of our pictures are all about food.. haahaa.. what can I say?

Excellent cereal crayfish!

2 Kinds of crabs!

Durians after food!

Looking forward to our next impromptu holiday! Please give me no advance warning! Haahaa..

-Kiki Tay

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