10 July 2010

Magic Lecture by Norm Barnhart!

Attended Norm Barnhart's magic lecture yesterday. It was on comedy magic! My favorite kind of magic! Haahaa..

Saw this on the way to the lecture! A rainbow! The lecture was held somewhere over the rainbow!

This must be where the treasures are.. notice the balloons coming out of Norm's case.. looked like the rainbow.. ;-)

Lots of familiar faces at the lecture!

Alex Tan! One of the BEST Magician, Clown & Face Changer in Singapore! I admire people who are extremely passionate about their craft. Alex lost so much weight and looks so much younger! He is my role model from now!

Check out Alex's Magical Mask Change Act! One of the most unique act in Singapore as he combines magic with mask change!

Vivien was at the lecture too! She bought lots of toys! Haahaa..

Sharkey! The grand master of cards!!

Desmond Peh, Francis & Baha! They were very supportive of me and the things i do..

Francis works with Desmond, who is the director and owner of "Just Education" they were my sponsor during my first production of "Just Kiki Kidding!"

Just Education is one of the leading tuition centers in Singapore! Check out their website! http://www.justeducation.com/

Baha is the boss of "BAHA Video" and he was one of my sponsor in my production of "WAAH! Magic!" back in 2009. Baha is always willing to help, he has helped me with so many of my projects! He is really passionate in everything that he does and his studio is simply amazing!

And the lecture begins!

Norm Barnhart is such a funny man! Couldn't stop laughing the entire time! Learnt a lot from him..

Norm's arsenal of hilarious props!

Norm Barnhart!

Trying to act cool like him!
Norm's chest hair are drawn on! Mine are... well, you've got to find out yourself! :-P

The lecture was FANTASTIC! Everybody had a great time!

The lecture was organized by IBM Ring 115 (International Brotherhood of Magicians)
The IBM is a great place to start if you are a budding magician. You get to hang around with professionals and really talented hobbyist! Find out more on their website

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kiki!!!

    Wow - this was an awesome blog! You really got some great photos. I liked the peek into the magic case...

    Also thank you for your kind words about the magic lecture. I love to make laughter and i am glad you had fun... you deserve it.

    As a magician you spread fun and magic around to bring joy to others and it is refreshing to sit back and have some laughs too.

    I hope to see your show soon. Keep up your great work.

    Wish you the best and say hi to everyone in Singapore for me!

    Norm -I blog at comedynorm.wordpress.com


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