09 July 2010

Marina Bay Sands!

Off to Marina Bay Sands!
Vivien had a room again, this time at Marina Bay Sands! She invited me over to chill!

Almost valet parked until a guy told me.. $18 per hour... *Vroom*.. off i go, parked at the only car park at convention center, which is almost a 1km walk to the hotel (exaggerated) 

The boat ride at MBS is now opened.. I felt sorry for the guy paddling the boat.. he looked tired.. imagine paddling non stop the whole day.. they should have a cable system and pretend to roll instead..

Is it me, or is the fashion sense today getting quite out of hand.. haahaa..

Vivien's nephew little Dylan spent the day with us!! He is so adorable!! 

Room on 31st floor!

The room is fantastic! with a nice city view!

I thought the balcony was way too small! Then Vivien told me there isn't one.. COME BACK IN!!

The phone in the room! And an amazing bathtub!

Vivien's younger nephew & her mom!

Dylan loved the room too!
Nice pic! I'd like to call this "Youth of our nation".. haahaa!

Vivien let me tried her chips with her special sauce.. Poor me.. I am sad because it was so nice that i couldn't stop eating.. I am now addicted to it! How to live my life without it... ARGH! Once you popped, you can't stop!

Jimmy... the bad influence! Hahahaaa.. Dylan won EVERYTHING!!

OMG! Computerized mini-bar! "Every item you take out will immediately be charged to your account" and the print is so small and hidden! Wichtig...

So cute! 

Off to the roop-top garden!

Check out the view!


Can't wait to get into the pool!

In case you're wondering.. All the pictures are taken right from my iPhone.. With an amazing app call "Autostitch"! Love it to the max! Download it now!

Jacuzzi with a view!

The weather was quite hot, so we decided to have our dinner first, then chill in pool under the stars!

Vivien's mom treated us to dinner!

The buffet at MBS is FANTASTIC! (but i'm still thinking about the chips)

Had so much fun with Dylan! He is sooooooooooo CUTE!! Check out the video!

Learnt a trick from Jimmy, but don't expect it to be in my show any time soon..

Bentley, Hummer & Rolls Royce Buggy!!

Night falls..

Off to the pool!
Night time at the rooftop is simply amazing!

In the water, looking over the edge of the pool to see an panoramic view of Singapore is truly an amazing experience that words simply cannot describe!

Yes, I took my phone into the pool to take pictures! Yikes!


Had a GREAT time!

Thank you Vivien again, for the amazing experience! (still thinking about the chips..)

- Kiki Tay

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