04 July 2010

NDP Combined Rehearsal 3!

Had the chance to direct a mass-display segment in NDP this year, all thanks to Dan! Where would I be without him :-)

It would not be possible without the help of Chermaine & Jia Hong, with their blood and sweat, putting the whole act together.. They are the real heroes behind this item!

Lunch at Esplanade!

CR3 Preview tickets!

Our item is pretty much ready, just some minor touch-ups here and there...

Working out transition with Picasso's "RoboCop" item..

Goodie bags!!

We tried to tickle the guard to see if he'll move... then we realized.. he is not that kind of guard..

My Mom came to support! Watching the show from the grandstand!

Hopping on to the Duck tour vehicle, making a round, waving to the cheering crowd of Padang!

And the show begins..

Our students from Yio Chu Kang Secondary School did an incredible job! All their hard work, countless hours under the sun, repeating the same moves over and over again... really paid off!

I've got this CRAZY obsession with LEDs, so as of many of my shows... expect lots of lights!!
I won't be posting videos of the act, as not to spoil the surprises. Be sure to catch it on 9th August!

It is a big honor to be part of the NDP, i remember when i was a kid, watching the parade on TV, and always trying to get tickets to be in the audience. Being able to be part of it is is indeed a dream come true!

Catch our item "Youth Culture, Sports & Art" in NDP Act 3 - "The Crescent Moon"

More photos to come, stay tuned!

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