05 July 2010

Hotel Michael Experience!

After the NDP MB show rehearsal today, I rushed down to Resort World Sentosa. Vivien had a room at Hotel Michael and invited me over to chill!

Nice room, with lots of artistic touches.. Ever wonder why Hotel Michael is called "Hotel Michael"? I mean, usually they name it after a last name, like Hilton, Hyatt etc. Why Michael?... Then I discovered.. Michael Graves.. Haahaa.. would you want to stay in "Graves" hotel?!

We went and took "Revenge of the Mummy" ride at Universal Studios just before it closes.. Vivien said it was the scariest moment of her life... the queueing part.. :-P SHE DIDN'T EVEN TOOK THE RIDE!! She backed out last minute before they engaged the safety harness.. Haahaahaahaa..

With Viv, Jimmy & Kevin..

View from the room.. Don't you feel like jumping on the bouncy roof?

The design of the room has a nice elegant touch!

The bathroom.. in case you are curious..

Vivien's "Hello Kitty" cards :-) Notice Vivien with a nice fan of cards, and mine looked like an amateur's attempt.. haahaa..

My dearest Vivien... She played a BIG role in the success of my career, she has given me countless opportunities, taught me everything about showbiz and has never stop believing in me until today. She's always there to support me in everything that I do.. and I am forever grateful! More about her in my later posts :-)

We decided to play some poker!
This is the FIRST time I ever played a live poker game.. More than two hours later... guess who is the ultimate winner? Wahahahaaa!!

Late night supper at 1am!!

It was GREAT fun! Thanks Viv! for inviting me!!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

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  1. Love the ipad! Hehe Thanks for holding my fan of cards and giving me yours to pose with lol...I'm gonna practice!


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