09 July 2010

NDP Media Brief!

Attended the NDP Media Brief yesterday!

Motivators welcoming guests to the event..

My seat!

Dan & Me

The EXCO committee..

Dick Lee giving the presentation..

And the show begins!

Presenting.. NDP2010!

Our students!

Dick Lee, our show director..

My idol Jeffrey Tan! NDP Chief choreographer, and also choreographer of Voyage de la Vie!

Ryan Tan.. Jeffrey's brother and also a choreographer of the show... He was my dance teacher back in MDC days..

Stanley & Hui Ling in charge of cues, important people behind the scene!

Haiyan, Dan, Stanley & Jia Hong

With Haiyan, my stage manager for 2 years in MDC..

With Mac Chan, lighting designer of NDP 2010, also worked with him many times in many of Wildrice's productions... Oh, and the extra head popping out is Picasso! haahaa..

Picasso directed the "Robo Cop" segment, also in Act 3 of NDP..

Dick Lee bombarded by reporters..

View of Marina Bay Sands from City Hall... that's where I'll be later in the day.. :-)

Walked out of City Hall and saw Hui Ling on her SUPER COOL BIKE! Haahaa!

Be sure to catch our item in Act 3 of NDP 2010!

- Kiki Tay

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