02 July 2010

SRJC Musical - Destination Imagination!

Back in April this year, I directed SRJC's Musical "Destination Imagination"

Setting up the stage...

Building a ramp to reach out to the audience..

Benita from Campus Superstar is an excellent singer! Here is a video of her during campus superstar. She did a great job!

Benita takes on the leading role, transforming herself and entering into a world of imagination. She also sings the theme song written by Bang Wenfu.

The Magical Transition Scene

Some scenes from the show
Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image!

Bang Wenfu wrote the songs in the show, it's always a pleasure to work with him! I'm a BIG fan of his work!
Dan Kwoh! My idol and my partner in crime for so many projects. Dan choreographed the show, and his choreography is amazing! More about Dan in my later posts..

Mimi, my stage manager! The real hero behind the show! what to do without her! Mimi was also the stage manager of my production "WAAH! Magic!" back in 2009!

Some behind the scene shots.

Dan rocking the house!

Thomas Ong and his friends came to support..

Studio recording of the Theme Song "Celebration of Life" written by Bang Wenfu!

Here is the Song "Celebration of Life" click to play

Everybody signed on the board after the show :-)
The Heroes of "Desination Imagination"! It's a pleasure and an amazing experience working with all :-)

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