27 July 2010

Totally random day...

NDP, YOG, Meetings, Meetings, Rehearsals... So many things happened today that I don't know where to begin.. 

So... lots of pictures.. less words..

Totally random..

NDP Committee Photo Shoot

Jeffrey & Haiyan

NDP Meeting...

All of us uses the iPad! 
We got it long ago before it was out.. now everybody has one :-(

Loong meeting.. :-(

Later the day..

Met Vivien & Cheryl at Marina Square!


YOG Rehearsal at the floating platform..

The water isn't because of a flood.. it's part of the feature! You'll know why when you watch the show!

View from under the lighthouse!

Chong from PART 1 Design!

Night falls..

Makan at makansutra..

Rehearsal for an upcoming corporate show..

That's the way uh-huh uh-huh...

- Kiki Tay

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