23 August 2010

Battlestar Galactica!

Remember my previous post with my theory to why Battlestar Galactica was closed for such a long time due to a "technical glitch"?

Turns out my theory was correct! haahaa.. They didn't publish this picture, I took this picture a while back and I based my guess purely from this damage to the tiles near the ride..

Quote from the news article:

"Resorts World Sentosa(RWS) spokesperson Krist Boo said in a Straits Times report that investigations had finally provided a ‘definitive’ answer why the accident occurred.

"A metal bar holding a seat to the chassis of the ride had given way, due to the repeated stress of the high-speed motion, and this sent the seat flying to the ground.

Ride-maker Vekoma Rides, one of the world’s most established roller coaster companies added: ‘Higher than anticipated stress and vibration levels caused fatigue cracks to develop in a welded component on the ride’s seat-post support’.
Additional safety measures will now be added to the ride with the use of a single seat post instead of a welded piece. This will eliminate the need for a relatively weaker joint at the welding to hold the seat and chassis together."

Check out my previous post or read about the official news here

- Kiki Tay

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