12 August 2010

Ice Skating!

Ice Skating with Javier, Ivy, Francis, Zi Shan & Xiangzhi!
Been more than 10 years since i last skated :-P

Gearing up!


It's cool! (literally)

Haahaa! :-P

Acting cool!
And cute!

Me showing off!

Xiangzhi showing off!

Had dinner at a "high class" restaurant.. Thanks you uncle, for contributing the finger in the shot! haahaa!

Saw this ad in the lift.. notice anything interesting?

Here it is.. noticed?

Ivy..                                                          And Merly!


A little hanky-panky going on.. check out where the hand went.. leave your own comments..

Doing the "Albert Tam" pose! heehee..

Javier's birthday threat! Something yucky!

It was a fun day! Thank you guys!

With love,

- Kiki Tay

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