03 August 2010

Chestnut 3D!!

Had a late night coffee session with Jonathan & Wenfu, discussing about adding some "Magic" into this year's Chestnuts!

A sign at coffee shop..
Orh.. okie..

"Chestnuts" is a yearly theatre comedy filled with spoofs and gags that will have you laughing the whole night! I've been a huge fan for so many years! If you haven't watch it, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! 

CHESTNUTS 3D Opens 25th August, tickets available at SISTIC! Click on this link HERE

- Kiki Tay

1 comment:

  1. thanks for the pix and the plug, kiki!

    haha in that first photo Wenfu looks malevolent and I look insane...

    and in the second photo, all the streetlights look like little glowin butterflies around our heads, kiki....



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