11 August 2010

NDP 2010 - The big day!

National Day Parade 2010!
We made a T-Shirt saying "I LOVE YCKSS" to show our appreciation for the hard work Yio Chu Kang Secondary put in for our item!

Our students, getting ready!

One final rehearsal before the actual show..
NDP Mobile column! 
Ryan Tan!
HUGE stacks of goodie bags, waiting to be given away!

I found myself a great spot to watch the parade from!

Our item, in NDP Act 3 - Crescent Moon!
Our act went on well! Our students did a great job! I'm so proud of them!!

Celebration after the show!! Click on the video to see!

Dick Lee

A tribute to YCKSS on the big screen!
The non-alcoholic champagne! haahaa 

NDP EXCO Chairman

Giving a thank you speech to the hardworking men and women of NDP2010
Our names on the big screen..

Show chairman!
My heroes! Jia Hong & Chermaine! Who put in the most blood and sweat for our item!
A blur picture of us with Mrs Jessie Ho, who believed in us and gave us so many opportunities!
We're on the big screen!
Me, taking a picture of the big screen showing me taking a picture of the big screen!

Corrinne May!

Wee Tiong, the man behind the operation!

The Padang, where it all happens, now an empty ground..

Looking forward to the appreciation party!

The NDP really impacted me a lot, when Kit Chan came on and sang the song "Home" as the fireworks took the sky, I was filled with tears.. This was the moment of my life, proud to be Singaporean, proud to be part of the show.. It has been a dream came true, and it wouldn't be possible without the help of many people.. Dan, Chermaine & Jia Hong.. Thank you for everything...

With so much love,

- Kiki Tay

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