01 August 2010

Random day again..

Guess there will be many posts titled "Random Day" as I really can't find the right words to describe the day :-)

Performed for a charity show at West Coast Park! 
Kite flyers from around the world!
It rained and rained.. and rained before I came, so there weren't a big crowd anymore :-( but still, the show must go on, got a small but extremely appreciative crowd! :-)
Amazingly HUGE "kites"

After the show, I went to check out Phylia's boutique at PARCO, Millennia Walk!


Phylia's work are AMAZING! She designed for some of the biggest productions in Singapore, including Chingay and Resort's World's "Voyage De La Vie!"

My poster was on her wall!

Anthony hard at work showing me all of Phylia's creations!

Phylia's work are extremely unique and inspiring! I am a big fan!! What can I say? Come and see it for yourself! Do drop by Phylia at level 2, PARCO Millennia Walk!

Later in the evening..

Performed for Pasir Ris - Punggol Event, to a HUGE crowd!


What a coincident! Met Pornsak at the event!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah WOOOH! You are the one Singa..

OMG! What happened to you!??

Miss Mole's Fan Club!

After shows, Harry & Jane invited me to Marina Bay Sands!

Harry, Jane & her Mom & Dad!

Harry's got a room at level 39, awesome view!

He said.. "Make yourself feel at home" so...

We went to check out the Casino!
Orh... ok..

Nice design!
The All-Seeing-Eye above the Casino!

Harry has been my mentor, good friend & "brother" for so many years.. Helped me a lot when I first started out. He taught me so much about business and is supportive of everything I do. He was a sponsor during my first theatre show!

Harry's trademark pose! Haahaa!!

I'll like to include several of Harry's trademark pose at this point.. to prove a point..
Pictures from the past!

Here is one..
and another one..
And another one..
Another one..

Thomas was the one who first discovered his "trademark"! Haahaa!

Ok, I've proven my point.. Thanks Harry, for a wonderful time! :-P

With Love,

- Kiki Tay

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