05 August 2010

That 70s Show!

Helped out at National Heart Foundation's Charity event at Capella, Sentosa. Although I didn't get to perform, it was just as fun!

As usual, less words, more pics!

The charity event was held at Capella, Sentosa..
Simply beautiful!
Guest of honor, President S.R. Nathan

Ahhh.. I remember the good old 70's... I was still swimming..
Brian Richmond
Loo Pin did a hilarious stand-up comedy act!
Dan choreographed the dance!
R.J. entertained the guest with his beautiful voice!

Jia Hong & Chermaine!

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting..!
Lelong lelong!
Up at the control room..


I made the videos for the event, including this one below which took me many hours! 
It is a spoof of the "20th Century Fox" intro, along with the theme of NHF's "Touching Hearts for 40 years"!


- Kiki Tay

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