02 August 2010

Universal Studios with Albert & Family!

My good friend Albert Tam, master magician from Hong Kong and one of Liu Qian's consultant came with Lu Chen recently for his world tour. Albert brought me around when I was in Hong Kong, so I brought him and his family to Universal Studios!

Albert & his wife!

Steven Spielberg's Lights Camera Action! - I have watched it more than 12 times! Love it! haahaa

We went to "far far away".. which was just nearby..
Donkey's show!
Albert was identified as Merlin the Magician!

Albert & family all took the Revenge of the Mummy ride!! Haahaa!

The after-effect of the Mummy Ride! I love the Mummy Ride! One of the more extreme and must-ride attraction at USS! I'm gonna take it 10 more times!
Beware of this machine!! This is the locker machine at the Mummy's ride.. First 30 mins is free but very expensive after that.. And the best part is, it doesn't give change! Albert put in a $10 bill for the $5 charge.. The machine just accepts with without giving change.. A small sign under the coin slot indicates "no change given"

There were many rumors and theories to why Battlestar Galactica ride was closed for so long.. 
This is my theory...

Albert's long lost friend!

Random shots
This was my... 7th or 8th times at Universal studios? Can't remember heh..

Shrek 4D! I searched for the counter to buy the 4D.. but couldn't find one..
Lunch at Jurassic Park!

Waterworld show!
Waterworld show is awesome! Explosions, stunts and lots of surprises! 

Albert & her daughter helped contribute to USS's construction..
Some spining saucer thingy.. Can't remember the name..

Everybody tried to take a picture of everybody!
I bought an annual pass and can visit USS all year long, which i always do :-) sometimes between meetings, i would just pop by, take a roller coaster ride before heading to my meeting.. keeps me happy :-P

Here are some tips if you're planning to go Universal Studios for the first time. Book tickets in advance, because even on a weekdays, it is always sold out. Arrive early when the park opens, you'll need a WHOLE day to go through all the attractions. Look out for the shows timing first, so that you can plan your tour better. Waterworld show is a MUST-WATCH! And "Monster Rock" show.. erm.. can skip if you don't have the time.. Other must-watch attraction - Steven Spielberg's "Lights Camera Action!" an on-going show every 15mins and "Revenge of the Mummy Ride" a more extreme ride not for the weak of heart, relatively short queueing time if there it isn't crowded. Jurrasic Park's Water ride is also fun, but does involve a high speed drop, and you'll get totally wet! Don't bring your phone along and do buy a poncho if you don't wish to get wet!

Attractions you can skip - Don't go for the Jeep ride at Mummy's if the queueing time is more than 5mins.. It is a VERY short "nothing" ride around the small "nothingness"area.. I always see a long queue, sometimes 45mins for this ride.. I can imagine their feeling after the ride :-P

Also, while you're at Resort world, do catch Voyage de la Vie! It's awesome! check out my previous posts for reviews!
It was a fun day at USS! Thank you Albert & Family!

- Kiki Tay

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