19 August 2010

Watched The Youth Olympic Games Opening from Backstage!

Got a chance to watch the Youth Olympic Opening from backstage! Here are some behind the scene shots! Enjoy!
Floating walkway to the back of the "stage"

Performers standing by..
Audiences from around the world!

This photo gives a new meaning to the song "Purple Light"
I situated myself just right under the giant lighthouse torch!

Performers standing by, all ready for action!

One-eyed monsters starring at me! 
They came in PEACE!.. notice the hand sign sticking out?

Thousands of "doves" filled the sky!
Where I was, it was one of the best view of the fireworks to come..


Up close, at where the action was! 

so close.. that this fell on my head!
It's the end-cap of the pyrotechnics!


 Managed to capture the historical moment, lighting up of the torch, up close from right under the torch!
Watch this video!

Here is another rare photo I took from INSIDE the huge olympic torch lighthouse while the olympic flame is burning! (Don't ask me how I did it..)

- Kiki Tay

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