02 September 2010

Fried Rice Paradise with Thomas..

I was invited to watched Fried Rice Paradise on Tuesday, So I dragged Thomas along..

Met up early for ice cream, then a drink at Harry's

Fried Rice Paradise!
Fan Dong Kai from PA invited me, we've got very good front row seats! Thanks Fan!

I know I'm not suppose to take pictures during the show but... erm.. My dog ate my homework! (Can't think of a better excuse..)

The show was Fantastic! Amazing sets with 3D projections, fantastic story and songs from Dick Lee and of course an AMAZING cast that lived up to its name!

After the show..

Met up with Dr Lyen weeks back discussing some ideas for collaborations, then met him again at the show! Dr Lyen is an amazing music director/composer.. He has written for so many incredibly good productions! Check out his work and links to his websites here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_lyen 

Iskandar Ismail, the music director of the show... I think he needs no introduction, Iskandar is one of the most renowned music director/composer in Singapore, and a Cultural Medallion honoree. I had a chance to work with Iskandar when he composed our music for our items in the Asian Youth Games Opening Ceremony as well as our SYF Opening Ceremony!

My idol Jeffery Tan! Jeffrey choreographed the show, he is also the choreographer of Voyage De La Vie, and was the chief choreographer in NDP this year..

I actually did had a craving for fried rice after watching the musical! Haahaa.. went to find myself some fried rice (non paradised :-P)

If you haven't watched Fried Rice Paradise, what are you waiting for? GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! It's showing till 12th September! Tickets available at SISTIC!

Had a wonderful time! Thanks Fan, Rachel, Thomas and everybody at Fried Rise Paradise!

- Kiki Tay

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