26 September 2010

Primary School Gathering!

Had a primary school gathering today! Met up with some of my long looong time classmates/schoolmates!
Had dinner at KIseKI! Then headed off to Elijah's Pub!

It's such an interesting experience to meet with somebody you haven't met for so long.. in my case.. I haven't met some of them for like... more than 12 years! (Yikes! I'm old! >.<)

There are a certain kind of bond that was form even when we were just little kids, that certain kind of trust and friendship, that even after more than 10 years, it still remains.. It is like an instant connection, more than 10 years of separation, yet you still feel like you know that person everyday for over 10 years!

Alumni of Nan Hua Primary School!

I had a great time! Thanks guys! Looking forward to many many more gatherings!

- Kiki Tay

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