28 November 2010

Cinderel-Lah Gala Night!

After much hard work and sweat, Cinderel-Lah finally opened at the Esplanade Theatre!
I attended the Gala with my mom as my date for the night! :-)

Cinderel-Lah marks W!ldrice's 10th Anniversary Production! I designed the Magic and special effects in this show! This also marks my 5th year working with Wildrice!

Me and Ivan, the director of the show!

On stage, receiving flowers during the curtain call :-)

Selena Tan wrote the script for the show!

Nick, the set designer

Mun Hoi, the production manager of the show

Tony & Darius! Tony is the producer of the show while Darius plays one of the evil step-sister!

Jeffrey Tan! The choreographer of the show :-)

Mac designed the lights

Ashley the hair designer!

Gurmit, plays "Ali" and "Jeya"

Hossan came to support!

Karen played "Queen Lee" in the first season of Cinderel-Lah!

Dwyane as Siva
Swee lin as evil step-mother!
Shou Chen as "Cheng" of Cheng & Eng
Andrew as "Heng" of Cheng & Heng
Karen as Queen Lee!
Enlai at his best! "Precious" one of Cindy's evil step-sister!
Kay Siu as "King Lee"!
And Najip! The Magical Fairy God Makcik!

Cinderel-Lah! Playing at the Esplanade theatre till 11th Decemeber! If you haven't watch it! Grab your tickets now! Tickets available at SISTIC!

It was an honor working with this amazing cast! Thank you everybody at Cinderel-Lah!

- Kiki Tay

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