01 December 2010

Performing in "Nutcracker in Singapore!"

It was an amazing experience performing in this show, as with years of directing other people and doing what I've been comfortable with, this experience really humbles me and made me realized, I still have so much to learn! It was an honor learning from Mr. Fan Dong Kai, Poh Soon, Osman and many of the amazing choreographers of the show, some of the most creative, experienced and dedicated people in the industry!

The transformation!

I really love this character that I played in the show, the concept of the show was just brilliant! Although the costume and make up were pretty uncomfortable and restricted many of my movements, but I loved it! It really projected the character very strongly as a dark, mysterious, yet compassionate Magician!

The set featured amazing large sculptures and 3D projection effects designed by world renowned sculptor Sun Yu-li!

Some nice shots from the show!

Behind the scenes!

Fan Dong Kai, the artistic director of show! I have one of the highest respect for him, his strong visions and standard in seeking perfection really inspired me! I've learnt so much from working with him!

Osman, the show director!

Poh Soon 老師 had the toughest job in the show! Not only is he the choreographer of my character and  the other leads, he is also the stage manager and the person to "go to" for almost any problems! The stress level he had to endure was extremely high! Yet he has done such an amazing job! I'm so proud to be working with him and be under his guidance!

Rachel, the hero (heroine) behind the scene! The production manager of the show and one of the hardest working people in the show, putting the show together and making sure everything runs properly! People behind the scene doesn't normally get all the credits they deserved... Here is a standing ovation to Rachel! *Standing up and applauding!*

The amazingly talented cast of "Nutcracker in Singapore"!
The star of the show, Tamsin! , playing the character Clara! Tamsin is extremely passionate and dedicated! She did an amazing job!

Aaron was one of the most memorable character in the show!

Thank you to all my friends who came to support!
Dan Kwoh!

Francis, Zi Shan, Ivy, Angeline & Javier!

This was an extremely precious experience for me! And I'm really honored to be part of it! I've learnt so much in such short period of time. I loved and appreciate every bit of it! After so many years of directing people and "directing myself", this was a chance to be in the cast, in the receiving end and to feel what it was like.. And I must say, the experience was FANTASTIC! working with this amazing cast was a terrific experience! I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion I felt from each and every performer, and that really inspired re-ignited the spark and passion in me. To everybody involved in "Nutcracker in Singapore" Thank you for this wonderful experience! I look forward to working with everyone of you in the near future!

With love!

- Kiki Tay

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