09 December 2010

Walking with Dinosaurs!

Walking with Dinosaurs!
Watched "Walking with Dinosaurs" at the indoor stadium with Ivy, Francis & XianZhi!

My ticket was a birthday gift from Ivy! Thank you Ivy!! :-)

It was a full-house when the show started, the entire stadium was filled!

It was SPECTACULAR!! The theatrics, the lights, music and effects were fantastic and of course, the dinosaurs were MIND-BLOWING! 

I cannot imagine all the technologies that goes on behind the dinosaurs, their movements were extremely life-like, and although they are huge, they are no way clumsy at all! It's a technology and theatrical marvel!

Ivy's Dino claws!

Walking with dinosaurs is now playing at the indoor stadium till 12th December! Don't miss this amazing spectacular!

Thanks Ivy for this amazing experience!

-Kiki Tay

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