23 January 2011

Getting my table top pet!

I went to Qian Hu, one of the largest exporters of ornamental fish!

They stock all sorts of exotic aquarium pets!

This is what I came for!

Baby lobsters!!

Better known as red crayfish! These guys are miniature versions of lobsters/crayfish that won’t grow to as big as those you find in the wild (or in restaurants :-P)

They only cost $2 each! :-)

Found some other unusual pets at Qian Hu!

Think i might get one of them next time ;-)

Quit starring at me! I said NEXT TIME!

Got a nice tank and some lobster food!

Welcome to your new home!

They are extremely cute, fun to play with and make great table-top pets! I let them run around my table while I'm working!

I used to keep 4 of them as pets many years ago.  I remember the shocking moment when I came back home one day to find FIVE lobsters, two of which were dead! I felt like I had entered a twilight zone. I simply couldn't explain why there were 5 lobsters when I had only bought 4... After close examination, I realized that one of the lobsters had actually molted (came out of its shell) and that while he was in his soft shell state, the other lobsters had attacked him. It is amazing that lobsters actually come out of their shells, leaving behind a perfectly intact shell husk that looks like a whole new lobster!

Found this video on YouTube of a lobster molting! Enjoy!

- Kiki Tay

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