14 January 2011

Kiki Tay's Hero-of-the-day Ernesto Planas!

Remember my older post when Ernesto visited me in Singapore? He had stopped in Singapore on his way to perform in the show "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde"; a prestigious TV show where the best in the world perform! Here is the clip from the show! I've watched it over and over again and I'm still amazed! I thought I'll share it with you... Enjoy!

  What sets Ernesto apart from many other magicians that do parasol (umbrella) acts, is his distinctly unique performing style. Much of the complexity of the performance is hidden from the layman and can only really be appreciated by fellow magicians. Many magicians can perform a parasol act, but not many can perform it with style, charisma and charm like Ernesto does.

  Notice that throughout his act, he is always facing forward with no awkward, unnatural or sneaky movements. Notice too that he starts his show on an almost empty stage, and ends his show with the entire stage filled with parasols!

  While Ernesto was in Singapore, he gave an impromptu lecture at the Singapore Association of Magician's magic meeting.  In the lecture he highlighted the importance of theatrical performance for magicians: the movements, postures, showmanship and energy. He truly is an inspiration and an example that many magicians can learn from!

One more for magicians out there! Ernesto's AIR FORCE ONE!

Despite his tough (mafia-type) front, Ernesto is in fact, a very very nice guy! That makes him Kiki Tay's "Hero-of-the-day"!

Ernest Planas! My Hero!
See my older post here!

- Kiki Tay

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