22 March 2011

Kiki Tay to direct the ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony finale act!

It's official! My next big project, directing the finale item of the "ASEAN SCHOOL GAMES" OPENING CEREMONY together with my buddy, the extremely talented, world champion choreographer Dan Kwoh!

This marks my 4th large scale national project since 2008. My previous work includes directing the SYF finale mass-display, Asian Youth Games Opening Ceremony finale mass-display as well as the mass-display segment in National Day Parade 2010. 

Initial planning and discussions.

This will be where the "MAGIC" happens, at Singapore Expo, Max Pavilion!


We had a recce of the venue..

sorting out all possible entrances and exits 


The event will take place in July! We are still in the planning process and rehearsals are starting soon! Check back for updates!

- Kiki Tay

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