26 March 2011

A date with an amazing lady!

Jackie from Las Vegas came to Singapore! and I got the honor to show her around!

Who is Jackie? Jackie is no stranger in the entertainment scenes in Las Vegas and around the world, she is the amazing lady behind the success of many now-famous magicians!

Jackie manages magicians including Brett Daniels, Philippart & Anja, Mark Kalin & Ginger, Tim Kole, Charles Bach, Jason Byrne, Mike Michaels and many many more. She had also worked with David Copperfield, Val Valentino ;-) and oh so many more! You might not know many of the names, but many of the magicians she managed were my heroes ever since I first began my passion in magic! I remember more than 10 years ago, when Brett Daniels' magic specials were shown on Channel 5, I recorded the program on VHS and watched it over and over again, almost a hundred times!

Jackie is also one of the judges in the upcoming FISM competition held in Blackpool in 2012. FISM is known as the "Olympics of Magic" and is the highest honor anybody can achieve in magic, and Jackie plays the important role of deciding who becomes the ultimate champion! Find out more about FISM here

 You can imagine how thrilled I was when Jackie showed me the promos of my heroes and shared with me many amazing and inspiring stories!

After settling Charles Bach down at Genting, Jackie made a trip to Singapore for a meeting with Resorts World Singapore, before she heads back to Genting again. Jackie invited me to watch Voyage De La Vie again, which marks the 4th time I'm watching this awesome show! In case you didn't know, I loved the show so much that I made it a point to watch it a hundred times, see my previous post here. 96 more times to go!

Voyage De La Vie had seen much changes since it began last year, many scenes were taken out but many new scenes were added too! Most remarkable is the Jarrett & Raja (Magician)'s act. The act is now longer and takes on much focus. They were fantastic!!

I know I'm not suppose to take pictures during the show but.. erm.. my dog ate my homework! 
(can't think of any other excuses)

After the show, Jackie brought me to meet Jarrett and Raja! We had a great time chatting over a drink :-) They were AWESOME!!

The next day, I brought Jackie to Chinatown for some shopping!

We visited a magic shop in Chinatown! Remember this nice lady? She had a poster of me on her wall! See my previous blogpost here. She was thrilled when she found out who Jackie was, she took out her camera and took several pictures with her :-)

Jackie remembered that "Star Virgo" the cruise liner was docking in Singapore on that day, she made a phone call and invited Philippart & Anja over for a chat and drink! Unfortunately Philippart wasn't able to disembark that day due to some work in the theatre, nevertheless, Anja came and we had a GREAT time!

Philippart & Anja does an AMAZING show! Their show is like a rock concert! Unique, entertaining and simply AWESOME!! They are currently performing on board Star Virgo till 31st March! Catch them if you can!
Jackie also introduced me to Charles Bach over the phone, and I got the chance to talk to him a bit. Charles is an EXCELLENT and INCREDIBLY CREATIVE Magician currently starring in Resort World Genting's new show "Glitz"

The show is running in Resort World Genting till 11th September this year! Don't miss this amazing show!! Find out more about the show HERE

Jackie is really a very nice lady, she had given me so much guidance and advices in such short period of time, she really knows show business inside-out. In the past 30 years of her career, she had given countless opportunities and gave multi-million dollars worth of contracts to now famous magicians from all over the world! It is such honor to meet and learn from her. This is something I would treasure for a loong time!

Back to shopping and dinner at a Chinese restaurant!
After dinner, we went to Marina Bay Sands..

  Met a long time friend of mine along the way :-)

We went to the Sky Park on top of Marina Bay Sands!
Stunning view of Singapore!


Jackie is going to be my representative for shows in the U.S. and other countries. I feel so proud and honored to have a chance to work with her. She is an AMAZING lady!

Thank you Jackie! Come back to Singapore soon!

With love,

Kiki Tay

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