08 April 2011

*SCAPE Magic Carnival.. An amazing experience..


*SCAPE Magic Carnival is more than just a show for me, it has taught me a lot of things. I am deeply touched in so many ways..  All the people that had put in so much hard work and effort to make this happen. All the people who came to support, and all the well wishes from those who couldn't make it. 

  This project was a vision of mine for the longest time. During the span of my career, I was extremely blessed with many incredible opportunities, and this was a way for me to pass on the blessings to the next generation of passionate people. *SCAPE Magic Carnival is a project where everybody with the same passion, comes together, putting their differences aside and work together towards the same goal.

  90% of all the people behind the productions are volunteers. Sacrificing their time and effort to make a vision come true. I am really ever so grateful to all these people in my life, for without them... There won't be me...

  I would like to truly thank all the people who made this happen... They are the true heroes!

In no particular order, Yu Xiangzhi, Jason Neo, Jack Froze, Jy Norvin, Tommy Kian, Ivy Merly, Jazz Ang, Jimmy Wong, Jeremy Tan, Daisy Ho, Dean Wong, Marcus Wong, Catherine Tan, Shaun Soh, Joyce Chiam, Wen Shi, Cherie Tan, Xin Ling, Serene Chan, Steven Chow,Vivian Tan, Miiss Jocelyn, Nina, Wai Hoe, Jonathan Ng, Dean Wong, Jeremy Tan, Daisy Ho, HuiBin, Tan Yishan, Geraldine Neo,  Joe Sapriano & Vivien Goh.

I'm pretty sure I've missed out a few names but to everybody who were involved in one way or the other... sincerely... I really love all of you..  

With love,

Kiki Tay

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