29 May 2011

ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony Rehearsals

I had the honor to direct the finale act of the upcoming ASEAN School Game 2011 Opening Ceremony, along with my best buddy, the extremely talented choreographer Dan Kwoh!

Rehearsals for our item had started and will be going in full-force this coming week!

Dan has been working hard choreographing the dance moves, he started with a few high-intensity dance classes to condition the girls for the upcoming ideas we had.

Our extremely talented girls are specially auditioned and carefully selected from various schools!

One of our props made by P'ART 1 DESIGN! Lots of love and thanks for rushing the props for us! 

They worked late to rush the props for us and I collected the props at 4am! They are really extremely competent and dedicated craftsmen! Go to their website to check out some of the coolest props they've made!

Also, check out some of the FUN I had at P'ART 1 DESIGN from this previous blog post!

Lots of thanks to the girls working hard for this act!

It's gonna be another busy week for me! More updates to come! Check back soon!

- Kiki Tay

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