20 May 2011

Kiki Tay's "Hero-Of-The-Day" Mr Yam Ah Mee!

On the night of Saturday, 7th May 2011, the whole of Singapore were glued to their screens, eagerly awaiting the results that determinds Singapore's future. This character filled the screen...

A star BRIGHTER than ANY of the elected members of parliament.

At first I thought it was just me... Something about him just tickled my funny bone, it was highly entertaining, at least to me... Somewhere in my guts feeling, I knew that he was gonna be an overnight SUPERSTAR!

... AND HE DID!!

Overnight, fan-made pictures of him flooded the internet!!

Even products bearing his name and messages went on sale!

And to date, his facebook page received almost 30,000 "likes"

Videos were being made, songs were created

This became my iPhone's ringtone instantly! 

I've created a shortened and louder ringtone (which is also a loop), click on the links below to get it!

For other phones -Yam Ah Mee mp3 Ringtone
For other phones - Yam Ah Mee Wav Ringtone
(Credit goes to MrJohnHoHoHo for creating the song!)

 I don't know how he is taking it, but from the "STOMP" interview, seems like he is taking it with a smile :-)  To be able to put your ego aside and laugh at yourself, while allowing the world to laugh at you is not an easy thing... With the pride and ego of people nowadays, how many people can actually do that?

Laugh at yourself, and the world laugh with you... Grieves and the world, laughs AT you...

Don't get me wrong, I have high respect for Mr. Yam Ah Mee, and as the Chief Executive Director of People's Association, I think he did a really great job! (I was under his payroll many a times) and right now I have an even greater respect for him for bringing smiles and joy to the world!

Mr Yam Ah Mee,
Kiki Tay's Hero-of-the-day !!

- Kiki Tay

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