29 May 2011

Kiki Tay's Lights, Lasers & Magic!

This has been an act that I've been dying to try out for the longest time, and what better place to debut it than my *SCAPE Magic Carnival April's "ALL-STAR" show! 

But time had been my greatest enemy. Putting focus on producing the show took very much of my time and energy away from developing the whole idea to exactly what I had in mind. 

A large part of this dream act requires hours of planning on paper and not to mention tens to hundreds of hours worth of soldering, sawing and drilling. Instead of leaving it out totally, I took the leap and went ahead with a much scaled-down version of this act. 

Filling the entire theatre with magical "Stars"! (The dark areas were filled with "stars" also, but it doesn't really show up well in photos ) :-(

 I have this really weird obsession with LEDs and everything that glows! Everywhere I go, wherever there are shops or signs with bright flashing LED lights, it will draw me in like an insect being drawn into an insect zapper...  Check out some of my other LED obsessions here

Lasers and Lights! :-)

But something happened during *SCAPE Magic Carnival "ALL-STAR" Show. It has nothing to do with the act, it went on well :-) But me wanting to capture the act on video, I had 2 hi-def cameras set up to record it, one main camera and another one as back up. But somehow, both cameras FAILED during this act. One of the camera ran out of tape >.< and the other had memory card problems. And to add to the problem, the effects and lightings made it very difficult to capture good photos on still cameras.

In my attempt to re-capture this act on video, we went back to the theatre the very next morning, set up the entire stage exactly as the night before, and performed the entire act all over again. Just for the camera. But the result wasn't as I expected... The camera really couldn't capture the "essence" of it. Or at least, I'm not capable of figuring out the settings to make it work >.<

Here is another picture of the magical "stars"
This was taken from SRJC's Musical, which I directed about a year ago...

Anyway, one of the purpose of this post is to thank the people who was with me, who woke up early in the morning the next day after an intensively busy and stressful night, to help me set up the entire stage again. A sincere thank you to Xiangzhi, Norvin, Tianle, Kendron, Catherine & Jack!

Thank you!! From the bottom of my heart!

With love,

- Kiki Tay

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