02 May 2011

Mini MDC Gathering at Jacinta's House!

Jacinta & John invited us over to their house for a mini MDC gathering!

What is "MDC"?  SAF "MDC" stands for Singapore Armed Forces, Music & Drama Company 

In Singapore, it is compulsory for all physically fit male citizen to serve two years in "national service" After my "BMT" - Basic Military Training, I was posted to MDC where I served the rest of my two years performing! MDC was where I got lots of training in different aspects of performing. From Dance, Music, Singing, to Acting and Hosting... It was a GREAT place to learn! And during my service in MDC, I was honored to receive the title of "Best Actor" in the "MDC Outstanding Artiste Award" :-) :-)

Back to the gathering..
Jacinta's house was beautiful! Situated at level 29th Costa Del Sol @ Bayshore, the view was simply breath-taking!

Click to enlarge!

Her house was beautifully!

Lots of delicious munchies! :-) :-)

Jacinta is really weird... Cos she looks younger and younger by the day! Give her a few more years, and she's gonna look younger than her kids!

Jacinta's hubby, John!

Zaini and Mahmud! 

Zaini (in the middle) was our artistic director in MDC. Had hell of a torturing time during his dance classes, but still, I love him so much ;-) (In case he is reading this... Oh, Zaini is so handsome, charming, talented, and err... super duper cool! (that should be enough))

 Mahmud (on the right) is like a "nanny" to all of us, he's always the person to go to, the shoulder to cry on and the hero to the rescue! Mahmud also helped me out as stage manager during my first production of "Just Kiki Kidding!" His kindness, love and guidance will take me forever to repay! :-) Mahmud, I love you too!!

Attempting to swallow my food before taking a picture!

Mahmud & Jane! (Zaini attempting to steal focus in the background)
My "Mommy" Jane (on the right)
Jane played my mother in a skit that lasted the whole year! Since then, on or off stage, she is my Mommy! :-) (Any pocket allowance, dearest mom?)

Mdm Shida! (And Zaini in the background again, attempting to steal focus)
I've always considered Shida as the "Lee Kuan Yew" of MDC! (heehee..) If there's no Shida, there's no MDC! One of the most important heroine in the company! :-)

I would like to take the opportunity here to talk a bit about MDC...

Many who stepped into MDC with a clear vision for their future, had stepped out to become famous or successful in their career. Some notable alumni of MDC includes; Gurmit Singh, Jack Neo,  JJ Lin, Najip Ali, Dick Lee, Sheikh Haikel, Royston Tan, Glen Goei and oh so much more!

During and around my batch, many of my good friends had now since became famous/successful in their respective fields as well. 

Nat Ho became an idol, Andie Chen and Jerry Yeo won MediaCorp's "Star Search", Rozz became a celebrity DJ currently with 98.7fm, JJ Lin became an international superstar, Alaric Tay stars in "The Noose", Judee Tan became a famed theatre actor and recently went on "The Noose" as well, Khairul Anuar won Suria's "Anugerah", Nic Lee of (Mi lu bing) won MediaCorp's "Super Band"  Moe Kassim got nominated in the 金馬獎(Golden Horse Award), my dearest brother Arvind Naidu became the "Shahrukh Khan" of Singapore and Kiki Tay... well..not that bad, but still a long way to go...

So it is safe to conclude... MDC produces talent! Click here if you want to find out more about MDC!

It was great meeting everyone again after so long...

Thanks Jacinta and John for the wonderful time!

With love,

- Kiki Tay

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