01 May 2011

Some photos from *SCAPE MAGIC CARNIVAL - MEGA "ALL-STAR" Show!

Here are some of the photos from 
*SCAPE Magic Carnival MEGA "ALL-STAR" Show! 

Click on the image to enlarge!
The STARS of *SCAPE Magic Carnival "ALL-STAR" show!

Miss Mole & Kiki Show!

Kyle Ravin's Levitation!
Kyle Ravin's "Cure for headaches"!

Mystifying Imran!

...moments before a "split" headache

My pet snake!

Flame of Asia, Danny Koh!

My heroes!

Photos courtesy of TriLumière Photix! 
TriLumière Photix is a group of extremely passionate and talented photographers! 
Check them out on Facebook! Click here -> TriLumière Photix

With Love,

- Kiki Tay

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