05 June 2011

ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony Rehearsals Part II

More updates on the show that I'm directing "ASEAN ONE!" The finale act of the ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony  2011 in Singapore!
It has been a long, busy week and we had finally made much progress! Thanks to all the hard work and dedication from all our students!!

Thanks to Dan & Gordon , working hard putting everything together!!

It has been hard work for all the performers, I can see the pain and tiredness from their eyes, many MANY hours of hard work and physically taxing labour, yet they had pulled through and created an amazing show, waiting to be showcased to the WHOLE WORLD!!


As of all my shows, you can expect lots of special effects... and LEDS!!

 These are just the very small tip of the iceberg, lots more special effects are in this item, look out for it at the telecast of the opening ceremony!

Mr. Low Ee Chiang, an experienced and well-respected choreographer, helped us with some of our ideas. Mr. Low had choreographed items in almost all the major events in Singapore! National Day Parades, Chingay Parades, Youth Olympic opening etc. You name, he's done it! 

Lots of thanks to Mr. Low!

Dan using a SELF-SHOT Extender™ to capture the run from a "higher view point" 

I wanted to experience what the students had to go through... 
It was indeed tough and physically taxing, but the students persevered and did a great job!

To everybody involved in ASEAN ONE,

You are my heroes!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!!

With Love,
- Kiki Tay

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