15 June 2011

Chris' FZD Graduation Show!

10 June 2011, Chris invited me to his graduation show!

The FZD School of design!

Before heading to Chris' booth, I got a tour of the entire exhibit to find out more about the school and what they do! It's an eye-opener!

Click to enlarge

It seemed like just yesterday when he was all excited about enrolling into the design school, and now he has graduated! :-)

Chris' AMAZING concept designs!

Check out some of his AMAZING designs!! These are all hand-drawn!

 (Click on the image to enlarge)


I just had to take a picture of this... 

See more of his designs at http://chriswithapencil.blogspot.com/
 Congrats Chris! All the best for your adventures ahead!!

With love,
- Kiki Tay

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