03 June 2011

Dan, Tze & Mimesis!

Dan & Tze invited me to Hwa Chong's show "Mimesis"

I came with no idea what show it is or what to expect. I've only known it as a "showcase", where Dan & Tze both invited me to watch.

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Dan's impressive credentials!

Dan is an extremely talented choreographer and I'm really proud and honored to be working with him on so many projects. He had helped me so much in my career! Not just from his guidance but from his inspiration! What I am without him!

Check out Dan's website at http://www.wix.com/dankwoh/home

Dan & Rachel

Dan & Tze, one of the greatest musician I know.

 I thought it was just another school production, and it was! But it wasn't "just another" production... it was a GREAT production!

I had to give it to the lighting designer & operators, given the limited amount of equipments they had, they did a fantastic job with the lightings! With possibly a few hundred lighting cues!

Dan's item!

This is quite a sorrowful piece but it does just what it's supposed to do. It portrays the pain and sorrow behind "Ma Jie" who had dedicated their lives to serve others.

The ending of this act sees the collapse/toppling of the stack of chairs. I think it really created an impact and statement to the soul of this item. I overheard from other people's conversation that this particular piece brought them to tears.

Isn't that what every director/choreographer wants? To touch the heart and soul of his/her audience... But sometimes some shows that I've watched, there are actually many out there that directs and performs pieces that only touches the ego of their own. Which is quite sad :-( But I've always admire and have high respect to directors and performers who touches emotions, hearts and soul of his audience as I believe that's what art/entertainment is about.

Another of Dan's item


 More photos from the rest of the show

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Dan receiving flowers during curtain call 


Great job everyone!

After the show... 

 How do you take an "aerial" photo like this? Check out www.selfshotsingapore.com!

This show is more than just a show, it is also a gathering of extremely passionate people working hard towards the same goal!

Extremely passionate! There! these two words can be used to describe every successful person. Without passion, nothing great can ever be achieved!

Dan & his dancers

Great job everyone! Thanks for the amazing experience!

With love, 
- Kiki Tay

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