27 June 2011

Directing the ASEAN School Games - Behind the scenes (Preparations)

It has been a crazy busy period for me these few weeks, with many projects going on at the same time, it is really hard to find time to be in front of my computer. Thus all my blog entries are post-dated.

Behind-the-scenes - Directing the 
ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony

After numerous meetings and discussions, finally many of our ideas are slowly materializing. 27th July, we headed down to Max Pavilion to make sure the equipments we required are set in place.

I had a great time working together with Dan on the ASEAN School Games opening ceremony. This project is a great opportunity for us to work on many of our great ideas, and what better canvas to showcase it than a huge stage at Max Pavilion, for a show that is broadcasted to the whole of ASEAN :-)

Zul was there to help with during the initial stage. We wanted to fly our lead performer during the finale of our act, and this requires quite a bit of technical know-how and specialized equipments. The guys at UnUsUal Productions has been a great help!

This is (honestly) an unintentional melodrama shot of us. And yes, that is Danny Koh in the picture!

Initially we casted Danny Koh as the lead performer in our item, but due to changes in rehearsal schedule and Danny's prior show commitments, Danny wasn't able to be part of this project. Nevertheless, a big thank you to Danny for his help :-)

After sorting out all the technical aspects of our show, we headed down to the costume shop to check on our costumes and made measurements for Danny's costume.

Contemporary yet with an Asian touch, all our costumes are designed by Dan himself! :-)

Measuring up for Danny's costume!

Look out for upcoming updates!

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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