23 June 2011

Directing the ASEAN School Games Opening - Media Conference!

ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony
Media Conference

As many already know, I'll be directing the finale act of the ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony. 23rd June, we had our media conference debuting the theme song and a sneak preview of the acts to come.

The media conference was held in Esplanade's recital studio.

Our girls getting ready to put up an act to impress :-)

All set, ready to go!

The ASEAN School Games Opening also marks the opening of Singapore Youth Festival 2011

The hero behind this amazing opportunity, my dearest buddy Dan Kwoh!

Miss Sum, director of education programmes at ministry of education.

At the media conference, we deputed the theme song of the ASEAN School Games 2011

The theme song is composed by Dick Lee, arranged by Sydney Tan and sang by the talented Aisyah Salim

Check out some of the photos taken from the media conference! 
(Click to enlarge)

After the show for the media, we were interviewed and also treated with some light refreshment.

It was a great experience!

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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