14 June 2011

Kiki Tay's Hero-Of-The-Day, Vivien Goh!

Kiki's Hero-of-the-day 
Vivien Goh!

I have been extremely blessed with an amazing life and career, and I can honestly say, it is all because of the love, care and kindness from the people around me.

Aside from my parents, no other single person has contributed so much in my life than Vivien. If I were to compile a list of the opportunities, kindness and love Vivien has given me, it would be larger than the entire blog put together.

Vivien had brought me into this career that I loved and cherish so much, given me guidance, advises and support that has made this "journey" incredibly wonderful. I look up to Vivien as a mentor, idol and a "big sister" Not just from the things she had taught me, but as a great influence as well, all in all, she is a great inspiration!

I always admire people who are humble, passionate and has so much love to spread to the world.

Vivien is definitely a good example. She is an extremely humble and passionate person with so much love to spread. She has been a professional children's entertainer for the longest time, and what makes her different from other performers is her deep sincere love and passion to bring happiness to the people around her! And it shows in the things she does.

I was introduced to Vivien while I was in secondary school by a schoolmate whom had saw my performances in my school events. Back then, while realizing my passion for performing, I volunteered myself, putting up an acts for every possible school event/celebrations! Back then, at a very young age, Vivien was already running her highly successful talent management company "Zephyhdom". 

Since joining her company, Vivien had given me countless opportunities to perform in real-world events. I had the chance to explore many different forms of performing. I was a clown, juggler, mime, balloon artist, face-painter, emcee, mascot etc. You name it, I've probably tried it.

I still remember and cherish the days when Vivien used to bring me to all her shows/event. That was when I learnt the most! All the experience really helped me a lot in my career. The most priceless thing that I had learnt from her is perhaps, the attitude toward life. Being humble and grateful for everything that God has blessed me with...

Although now I'm on my own, Vivien still continues to guide and support me in everything I do. I owe her my life...

Although I don't always shows it, but deep inside me I really have so much gratitude towards her... 

She is not just my "Hero-of-the-day" she is my Hero-of-my-lifetime!


Sincerely and with love,
- Kiki Tay

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  1. I LOVE YOU Kiki! You have done so much in your life, and I feel very blessed to be able to be part of it too... You're continuously pushing the boundaries, no matter the cost, and I'm so happy and so proud of you, not just because of what you have achieved, but because of the person you have become - always inspiring to the people around you, including me! :) Hope to see more great ideas and more exciting shows!


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