13 June 2011

My day today & Nique's MIND MAGIC!!

My day today & Nique's "Mind Magic"

8th June 2011 - I watched a FANTASTIC show today!
More about this in a while...

*SCAPE Magic Carnival is returning this July, and this time we are part of the SHINE Festival! I had a lunch meeting with my assistant producer Xiangzhi to discuss the details..

We ate at Seoul Garden Hotpot :-)

Later the day I had a show at Bottle Tree Park!

Kiki & Miss Mole show at Bottle Tree Park!

At first I thought I couldn't make it to Nique's show. But turns out the show is at 8pm and I finished my event at 7:30pm, if I drive real fast, I could make it!

And I did!

The show was held at Jubilee Hall, Raffles hotel. 

This place really brings back memories... This was where I held my first show "Just Kiki Kidding!" Back in 2008

Here is a clip from "Just Kiki Kidding!"back in 2008...

Nique's "Mind Magic"!

I always enjoy watching local productions, the standard of shows in Singapore had improved tremendously, and Nique's show just brought it up another notch! There are so many talented performers in Singapore, but most problems they faced is the lack of a platform to showcase their talent. It has been a vision of mine to create a "market", a platform for local talented performers to showcase their craft, hence the realization of *SCAPE Magic Carnival! :-)

T.M.N.T. (The Magical Nique Tan)
Nique is an extremely talented performer passionate and dedicated to his craft. He has been a good friend for many years, seeing him finally do his own full evening show, I felt really proud and happy for him :-)

Do you find him familiar? 
Yes! He is a member of superband "J3"! 
That's another talent of Nique's, excelling in everything he does. He had written music/songs that had won numerous award!

At the show, I met up with many friends that I haven't seen for a long time!

Desmond Peh
Danny & Derek!

Mystifying Imran & Jeremy Tan!

My good friend John Teo (Who lets me drive his Lamborghini! See the previous post here)

Daisy Ho!

John & Daisy posing for my camera :-)

Danny sat with me during the second half of the show!

It was a great turnout!

I know I'm not supposed to take pictures during the show but erm... My dog ate my homework! (can't think of a better excuse)

Click on the image to enlarge

A psychic demonstration whereby a table floats!

The show cleverly ended with a prediction... "EXPERIENCE" (pardon the image quality)
And indeed it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE! It is not easy performing mentalism (mental magic, not a mental patient) as it really takes a strong character to pass it off. As of many mentalism effects take a while before the effects climax, you really need to have a strong character or be extremely entertaining to capture the attention and bringing the mood up during the entire act, and Nique certainly did a great job! He has successfully put a new benchmark for mentalism shows in Singapore!

Upon exiting the theatre, we see the correct prediction as presented during finale of the show!

Inspired, I did my own version of the floating table after the show (I'm a physic! Not a psychic...)

More pictures with friends after the show!
Jeff Leong! An extremely talented magician from Malaysia!

Jimmy Chia! 

Han Ying, the founder of Republic Poly Magic club!

My good friend Keith!

Alex Tan (A.K.A Poof the clown!) Alex is an incredibly talented and passionate magician who also performs an incredible face-changing act! Check out his website!

Jacky Chew! One of the member of "J3" recently signed with "Ocean Butterfly" to release his new album! I took a picture with before he gets too famous! He's gonna be the next JJ Lin! ;-)
(I just realized... Jacky attended my show at Jubilee Hall as well, if you scroll up to the "Just Kiki Kidding!" video, the person holding up the watermelon is him! Haahaa :-P)

Francis & Imran :-)

I had a GREAT time!

Thank you Nique, for the amazing EXPERIENCE! Looking forward to see your new show soon!!

With love,
- Kiki Tay

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