30 June 2011

Directing the ASEAN School Games Opening - Preview Show!


It's the preview show day! This is our first performance with an actual live audience! A last minute mad rush to get everything up and running :-)

Some minor changes to parts of our act

Our performers hard at work!

Meetings with choreographers and productions

The audience are filling up fast!

Meanwhile, backstage we had a series of interviews with the media.

Our platform performers get a share of the limelight :-)

Artist at work...

Final preparations...

Here, we have a "ritual" that we always perform before an actual show, uniting everybody, focusing and giving all out...!

Finally, it's SHOWTIME!

Click to enlarge

The finale!

Our students did a GREAT job! Thank you everyone!

Catch the delayed telecast of the ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony! 10th July 7:30pm on MediaCorp OKTO Channel!

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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