01 July 2011

Directing the ASEAN School Games Opening - IT'S SHOWTIME!

The Big Day!!

Finally, the moment we all have been waiting for. Hundreds of hours of hard work, dedication, sweat and blood finally led to this. We see our performers getting all excited and of course many of them feeling sad that this experience will soon come to an end. Everybody started chatting more with each other, cameras being whipped out and thousands of photos being snapped. 

FOUR! That's the number of large-scale projects Dan and I had worked together for. Past projects include the SYF Opening Ceremony Mass-display in 2008, Asian Youth Games Opening Ceremony in 2009, Singapore's National Day Parade last year and of course the ASEAN School Games Opening Ceremony now :-)

What am I without Dan... Working with him has always been a pleasure as we both share the same "frequency". Him excelling in dance, and me excelling in magic/effects really compliments each other very well. When the two heads come together, creative juices will flow! Dan isn't just a working partner, off work, he is my best buddy :-)

If you don't already know Dan, he is an extremely talented dance choreographer. He had won multiple national and INTERNATIONAL awards, claiming the champion title as the best choreographer in many  international competitions. Me? Well, I've still got a long way to go :-) Check out some of his awards and more at www.DanKwoh.com Also, check out one of my previous post, Dan's romantic proposal

Back to the show! Backstage...

Xinling, our lead performer! (I made the lights on her costume :-)

Me, trying to be the lead performer... (I did not make any lights on my costume)

MediaCorp's HUGE broadcast truck! Our show is going to be on air! A delayed telecast on 10th July 2011, 7:30pm on MediaCorp's OKTO Channel!

Before the show, the minister of education, Mr. Heng Swee Keat came to congratulate and motivate us with words of encouragement.

Audience filling up fast!

And before you know it, 

Our laser effect...

The Grand Finale!

After the show...

As quicky as it started, it is now the end. As much as I am happy that one of my huge burden is gone, I'm sad because I might not see some of our performers for quite a while... This has all been an amazing experience, especially for me... I've learnt a lot of things through each experience and this one certainly tops the cake...

Getting "tossed" by the boys!

And a nice (and sweet) gift from the dancers

Everybody did a FANTASTIC job!

Thank you for this truly amazing experience.. I'll miss you guys.. :-)

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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